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Question about buying and selling

How much does it cost to join AdvertsPlace?

It is free of charge to become a member.

How much does it cost to advertise on AdvertsPlace?

It is free to place a standard advert on AdvertsPlace in all sections, You have the option to pay a small fee to feature your ad on the home page and also to have your ad show before other ads.

Who will see my classified ad?

We are spending a lot of time and money promoting AdvertsPlace, you will find AdvertsPlace listed in most of the top search engines and directories. AdvertsPlace has also been designed to be search engine friendly, every ad that is placed is searched, usually showing on the top search engines listings for maximum exposure.

Will I receive lots of Spam?

AdvertsPlace uses a private email system, so your email address is never shown, unless you want to include it in your ad. Our email system also allows you to block senders you don’t want to receive emails from.

What is Auto Notify?

Now you can be instantly notified when new ads are added that match your search criteria. Just click on the “Auto Notify” link that can be found at the bottom of every page to use this free service.

How do I know if a reply to my ad is fraudulent?

We recommend that you visit the Met. Police web site at : , which lists the latest fraud bulletins. We also recommend that you view our help section on how to avoid fraud/scams – Click Here

Ads that AdvertsPlace DO NOT allow?

Please see our terms and conditions. All ads must comply with Nigerias’ Trading Standards.
We will NOT accept the following ads:

  • Adult videos/material or links to adult content.
  • Endangered species.
  • Pit Bull Terriers, Bandogs, Tosas, Mastiffs, or dogs controlled under Nigerias Dangerous Dogs legislation.
  • Tortoises cannot be accepted without supplying the relevant documentation.
  • Second hand underwear.
  • Prescription drugs or tobacco related products.
  • Any offers of spell casting or black magic.
  • Any pirate or “silver/gold disk” software.
  • Knives or Guns except for .22 or below air rifles.